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Aloe Cool Body Wash ??????????? 500ml

  • Weight: 500ml

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Aloe Cool Body Wash 500ml
????????? 500ml

Aloe Cool Body Wash ????????? 500ml

Aloe Cool Body Wash ????????? 500ml

Aloe Cool Body WashAloe Cool Body Wash is a natural organic aloe body bath that suitable to all people. "Containing therapeutic moisturizing ingredients" with aloe king with better results.

It can be safely and effectively purify the skin and does not take away the skin's natural oils. Replenish essential moisture and improve dry skin more soft and smooth again becomes soft and full of glory.

Aloe Cool Body Wash ??????????????????????????????




Aloe Cool Body Wash ????????? 500ml






Aloe Cool Body Wash ????????? 500ml

- Provide long lasting freshness
- Moisturise skin leaving it soft and clean
- Calming natural aroma
- Gentle and soothing with natural foaming properties.
- Perfect for daily use by all the family
- Enriched with the natural extract of Aloe Vera
- Specially formulated with added moisturiser to cleanse your skin leaving it delicately scanted.
- Helps produce cologne and elastin.
- With unique fragrance of spices, Aloe Vera provides a clean, fresh burst that awareness your senses and refreshes your entire body. a rich conditioning lather leaves skin in better condition. this special formula rinse clean, without any heavy residue.


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Aloe Cool Body Wash ????????? 500ml

Aloe Cool Body Wash ????????? 500ml


 Directions ?????

- Wet your body with lukewarm water.
- Pour some Aloe Cool Body Wash onto a sponge or washcloth Squish and massage the sponge or washcloth until begins to foam and lather.
- Gentle scrub yourself all over.
- Rinse it all of, rinse the soap around in the shower until the soap has rinsed off.

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