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VIP BIO Mangosteen Complex Slimming Capsules VIP ????????

  • Weight: 60 Capsules

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VIP BIO Mangosteen Complex Slimming Capsules
VIP ????????


VIP BIO Mangosteen Complex Slimming Capsules ????????

VIP BIO Mangosteen Complex Slimming Capsules ????????

VIP BIO Mangosteen Complex Slimming Capsules ????????

The world has changed since the first debut of the new VIP formula, enriched with revolutionary nanoparticles and the advance patented Cyantho™ technique and Litrava™ technology. Being the first all blue-purple weight loss, it has a special phytochemical essence that contains anthocyanin, a significant potency that eliminates fat cell from the body. This miracle compound burns, breaks, isolates and flushes fat out of the body with an extra feature to curb your appetite and reduces further fat absorption in your body.

This legendary, 100% pure plant based weight loss supplement is rich in Manganese, a compound that plays an important role in converting fats into energy and its diuretic properties help the body flush out excess water and diluted fats out of the body without the depletion of electrolytes.




Packed with the slimming-superfood, the Mangosteen extract that is derived using the Cyantho™ technique, which brings fat burning to the next level by burning fats sonic fast and effective. Proven to be able to burn, break, isolate and flush fats out of the body, Mangosteen is rich in Phyto C, such as alpha-pinene, cadinene, limonene, myrcene, borneol, caryophyllene and germacrene that is extremely good for weight loss.

VIP????????????????????????????- Cyantho™??“??”???????????????????????????????????????????????Phyto C??α-?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


VIP BIO Mangosteen Complex Slimming Capsules ????????
Cyantho™ Burn fats, Break down fats, isolate fats from body. ?????????????????

Discovered about a century ago, switzerland has been the pioneer in the health industry with it’s refined Cyantho™ technique. Professionals found it’s effectiveness to burn, dissolve and separate body fats to achieve superior weight loss. The Cyantho™ technique goes thru a unique distillation method to completely extract every essence from the plant. This exclusive distillation technique allows nano extraction to it’s finest, allowing ingredients to be streamed into your body system and target fat dissolving then further separate them thru our excreting system.
????????????????????????????Cyantho™????????????????????????? ?????????????Cyantho™??????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????

VIP BIO Mangosteen Complex Slimming Capsules ????????
Litrava™ Suppresses appetite, reduces absorption, flushes fat. ???????????????

Litrava™ suppresses your hunger the very moment you wake up. Using a compound found in purple & blue plants, it stops the craving of food from day till night falls. The compound found in Mangosteen, Anthocyanin is obtained through a new technology called Litrava™, this allows every nanoparticles to penetrate into your body to reduce calories absorption and flushes waste out of the body.
Litrava™?????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????Litrava™????????????????????????? ????????????????????????


VIP BIO Mangosteen Complex Slimming Capsules ????????


Main Ingredients ????


VIP BIO Mangosteen Complex Slimming Capsules ????????


1) Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) ??
- Burn, Break, Flush fats ??????????
- Rich in Anthocyanin ?????
- Curbs appetite ????
- Burns belly fats ???????

2) Blueberry (Vaccinium Corymbosum) ????
- Promotes Cardiovascular and Digestive Wellness ??????????
- Increases fat burning ???????
- Reduces water retention ??????
- Improves skin texture ??????

3) Burgundy Bean (Macroptilium Brateatum) ????
- Rich in dietary fiber, Vitamin B & Potassium ??????????B??
- Boosts Energy & Alertness ???????
- Promotes fat oxidation ??????
- Body detoxification ????

4) Purple Carrot (Daucus Carota) ???
- Slow down carbohydrate absorption ??????????
- Contains polyunsaturated fats ????????
- Contains serotonin to improve mood ??????????

5) Purple Bell Capcicium (Capsicum A.) ????
- Metabolism stimulation ?????????
- Burn fats ????
- Reduces water retention ??????


Suitable For ????


- Suitable for female within 18- 60 years old
- Not suitable for pregnant / lactating woman, menstrual period, diabetic, anyone who has terminal illness 

- ???18-60???
- ???????????????????????????????


FAQ ???????


VIP BIO Mangosteen Complex Slimming Capsules ????????

Q. What is VIP? ???VIP?
A. VIP first debut in the beginning of 2015 as the first purple natural ultimate new slimming supplement that helps burn, break, isolate & flush fats out of the body.
?: ?2015??????????????????????????????????????????????????

Q. Will I gain weight once I stop taking VIP? ?????VIP???????????
A. No, VIP do not have rebound effect, however, your weight will change base on your daily diet.
?: VIP?????????????????????????????????

Q. How long can I take VIP? VIP???????
A. Experts recommend taking it as long as you feel like you have weight to lose. VIP can be taken for long term.
?: VIP?????????????????????????VIP?

Q. When will I notice changes? ?????????????
A. According to our clinical studies, you will notice immediate changes after around 7 days and significant results in 21 days.
?: ?????????????????????21???????????????

Q. Are there any side effects? ??VIP???????
A. No, VIP is made of 100% natural plant based ingredients.
?: VIP?????100%????????????????

Q. Who should not take this product? ??????VIP?
A. Pregnant women, lactating women, diabetic, or anyone who has terminal illness are not recommended to consume this product.
?: ?????????????????????????????????

Q. I take a few medications. Can I still take VIP? ???????????????????VIP??
A. Yes, VIP is 100% natural, however, we will recommend not taking it in conjunction with medication as it might conflict with the effectiveness of your medication.
?: ??VIP?100%???????????????????????????????????????

Q. Do I have to change my diet or exercise routine? ??????????????
A. With regular consumption of VIP, you will be able to lose weight without exercising or controlling your diet, however, with proper diet and exercising, you will lose weight even quicker and effectively.
?: ??????VIP???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Q. Is VIP suitable for vegetarians and vegans? VIP???????
A. Yes, VIP is made of 100% plant based ingredients including our vegetative capsules.
?: ???VIP?100%????????????????

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Benefit ????


VIP BIO Mangosteen Complex Slimming Capsules ????????

- Increases fat burning
- Promotes fat oxidation
- Enhances metabolic rate
- Reduces water retention
- Suppresses hunger
- Energy booster
- Improves overall mood
- Body detoxification
- Improves skin texture

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- ??????
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- ??????
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- ????
- ????


Testimonial ????


VIP BIO Mangosteen Complex Slimming Capsules ????????
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VIP BIO Mangosteen Complex Slimming Capsules ????????
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VIP BIO Mangosteen Complex Slimming Capsules ????????

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VIP BIO Mangosteen Complex Slimming Capsules ????????

VIP BIO Mangosteen Complex Slimming Capsules ????????


VIP BIO Mangosteen Complex Slimming Capsules ????????




Directions ????


- Take 2 times per day
- Take 1 tablet 30 minutes before breakfast & dinner

- ??2?
- ?&??? 30???????