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BeautyBerry2u Points FAQ:

Q. How do I redeem my BeautyBerry2u points?
A. You can redeem for items online on BeautyBerry2u website. ( OR

Q. How long does it take for BeautyBerry2u to deliver my Gift?
A. The delivery takes between 2 – 4 weeks from the submission date, covering places in Malaysia only.

Q. Can I cancel the redemption or exchange for another gift after redemption is made?
A. No. Once redemption has been accepted, it cannot been cancelled, exchanged or returned.

Q. Can I exchange my BeautyBerry2u points for cash?
A. No. Points can only be used for redemption purpose.

Q. Can I transfer my points to someone else?
A. Points are not transferable from one member to another.

Q. Can I do partial redemption (cash + points)?
A. No. Partial redemption (cash + points) are not allow.